Daisy Squires, Lou Marillier & Sophia Seymour on collaborating to create the Guardian produced documentary 'Teranga '


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In this conversation I chat to Daisy Squires, Lou Marillier and Sophia Seymour, the co-directors of the Guardian produced documentary 'Teranga' (https://www.terangathedocumentary.com).

Teranga documents an Afrobeats migrant-run nightclub in Naples offering a safe space for the city’s asylum seekers. The film follows Fata and Yankuba, who fled dictatorship in Gambia, only to find themselves living in a politicised limbo, as they wait for a response to their asylum requests.

The three film makers explain how they met, why they wanted to tell this story and how they struck up a friendship with Fata and Yankuba and immersed themselves in their lives.

With the funds raised from the film, Daisy, Lou and Sophia hope to support Fata and Yankuba in their respective aspirations.

For further information on how you can help please go to: https://www.terangathedocumentary.com/get-involved.

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