Esther Manito on following your passion and ignoring the judgement of others


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In this conversation I chat to comedian Esther Manito (

Esther is the first female comedian to perform at Dubai Opera House, she's an Arab woman of the Year nominee, an Asian Woman of the Year Finalist, a Funny Women Regional Finalist and a So You Think You’re Funny Finalist.

Esther and I describe the most random gigs we have performed at, she talks about her Edinburgh Fringe experience and what it was like, to be the first female to perform at the Dubai Opera House. We also debate whether or not it's acceptable to promote and show off about your career wins.

Esther describes how becoming a stand up comedian has affected her enjoyment of watching stand up on TV. We talk about our dislike for performing in stand up competitions and the trauma of dying on stage in front of your peers. Esther explains how she got into stand up comedy, whilst trying to balance being a Mother of 2 on maternity leave. How she attended a stand up comedy course and initially hid it from her husband, friends and family. And dealing with the judgement of her friends and family once they found out what she’s doing.

We also talk about how the pandemic has affected her comedy career. Esthers love for true crime podcasts, cycling, walking and loads more!

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