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In this conversation I chat to Jack Howard, writer/director and actor (https://www.youtube.com/user/JackHoward).

Jack has created numerous comedy sketches and short films for his YouTube channels, which have accumulated over 80 million views. He has also created two series for BBC iPlayer; and created, written, directed and starred in two seasons of sitcom 'Jack & Dean of All Trades’ co-starring the very talented Jessica Hynes. As an actor Jack has starred in 'Bulletproof' for Sky and appeared in a guest role in 'Drunk History’ for Comedy Central. In 2018, Jack was selected to be part of the Sundance New Voices Lab and is now also a regular guest on Mark Kermode’s podcast ‘Kermode on Film’.

We kick things off with Jack describing his positive lockdown experience and how he feels he now knows himself better. He explains how the constraints of lockdown and have allowed him to be creative and get back to basics, in terms of making Youtube videos again.

We talk about how therapy have helped Jack get through periods of depression. We also discuss the struggle with feeling guilty for switching off and relaxing during the day in lockdown.

Jack describes the challenges of getting motivated to get out of bed, when you're suffering from depression and are a freelancer. And how he's now found routines that work for him. We also talk how questioning how he is perceived in his career, has helped Jack inform his decisions, such as leaving presenting his show on BBC radio one, in order to pursue his goal as a director.

We discuss the transition from writing/directing short form to long form content and why creating online content is such a great training ground. The idea of not waiting for permission to become a writer or director and just to go out and create something. Jack also talks about his relationship with his cinematographer Ciaran O'Brien and breaks down his dynamic and working relationship with comedy partner Dean.

He explains why he prefers collaborating with other people and enjoys directing more than writing the writing process.

Jack also describes the experience of directing experienced actors such as Jessica Hynes on Jack and Dean of All Trades. And how Jack dealt with questions over the script from Jess and what a great learning curve it was. He explains that having his ideas challenged, elevated the dialogue and script.

We talk about the conflict of wanting to relax and butting heads with being proactive. Jack calls himself a lazy person who forces himself to do stuff. Jacks also describes the fear of not progressing in his career and trying to come to terms with the snakes and ladders aspect of the entertainment industry. We cover the responsibility of having an online audience and how its affected Jack's mental health. We also discuss our shared love for solo cinema trips, running without listening to music, Jack's love for ASMR and loads more!

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