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In this conversation I chat to comedian Joe Hobbs (

Joe has been nominated for the BBC New Comedy Award in both 2018 & 2019. He was listed on the BBC's top jokes of the Fringe 2019 and was the Amused Moose National New Comic Award Breakthrough Comedian Winner 2018.

We kick things off sharing our hoarding tendencies and discuss why clear outs are so cleansing. Joe tells his journey from growing up on a council estate in Northampton, to becoming a stand up comedian in London. He also describes his time living in South Korea for two years and the liberating feeling of starting again, where nobody knows who you are.

Joe explains his strategy of flirting with men who want to pick fights with him, due to his 6ft 8 stature. We share what’s the one thing we’d both do if we were kids again. Joe breaks down his struggles with being ADHD, up until he was diagnosed at the age of 28. The positive impact that meditation and taking medication has had on him. We talk about why ADHD is not treated as a serious disorder, Joe’s struggle with needing time away from projects and how the only consistency in his life, is his need for change. And how being on medication affects Joe when he’s on stage. He also explains how he has a more healthy relationship with his standup comedy career, why he feels less inclined to experiment and take risks on stage and loads more!

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