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In this conversation I chat to YouTube star Josh Pieters (

Josh runs his YouTube channel with Archie Manners, together they have created elaborate stunts, social experiments and pranked the likes of Katie Hopkins and Tiger Kings Carole Baskin. Their channel has amassed over 141 million views and 1.43 million subscribers.

We kick things off talking about his former life as a semi professional cricket player and how falling ill to glandular fever, forced Josh to pivot and become a Youtuber. Josh describes what he calls his YouTube boyband years, making videos with best friend Caspar Lee, before moving onto the videos that he's known for today.

Josh explains that for him, it's impossible to achieve creativity if you're just doing it on your own and how important it is to have someone to collaborate and disagree with. Josh breaks down his working dynamic with Archie, a magician by trade, and how he taught Josh the importance of making people think one thing, when something else is happening. And how their working relationship evolved into a partnership. And he describes it as a symbiotic relationship where they couldn't do what they do, without the other.

Josh describes their brainstorming sessions for coming up with new ideas. How they begin with asking the question whether something is possible and running with that, such as 'is it possible to sell microwave meals on deliveroo' to 'can we play on Katie Hopkins ego to fly her over to Prague for a fake award'.

Josh explains the safety and legal side of things and also how brands sponsor the videos to cover the cost of the production. He describes the range of emotions he felt during the Katie Hopkins prank and the pressure of funding such an expensive production/video. He talks about the importance of punching up and to have a reason for what you're doing. Josh also describes the Ed Sheeran prank, the Carole Baskin and the Tom Holland interview.

We chat about how Josh wishes he wasn't so affected by what views he gets on a video, his love for exercise, how important it is for mental health and loads more!

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