Neil Webster on enjoying the creative process and finding Buddhism along the way


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Neil is a writer, exec producer and co-founded the comedy drama production company Happy Tramp.

Happy Tramp have produced a sitcom series for BBC1, a sketch show for BBC2 (Morgana Robinson’s The Agency), a BAFTA nominated short film for BBC3 and numerous half hour films for Sky Arts Urban Myths series, two of which (written by Neil) were nominated for an International EMMY.

In 2017, Neil relocated to Scotland, where he established Happy Tramp North. The company have gone on to produce the highly acclaimed drama Guilt for BBC2/BBC Scotland, as well as the sitcom Semi-Detached for BBC2. Prior to Happy Tramp, Neil co-founded the legendary comedy production company Zeppotron in 2000, working as Creative Director until 2012. Where he was oversaw writing, producing, exec producing, developing talent and dealing directly with commissioners at all levels

Neil also co-hosts the podcast 'I can't believe it's not Buddha' with Lee Mack.

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