Shane Todd on why he adopts a positive mindset and how he went viral after roasting the Ulster rugby team


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In this conversation I chat to comedian/actor/presenter Shane Todd (

Shane began performing stand up at the age of 19 and then began posting videos on YouTube, as part of the Harlem Gun Club a Northern Irish based comedy collective. He has performed solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Mandela Hall and Ulster Hall. Belfast Telegraph hailed Shane as “King of comedy”. In February 2019, Shane joined the cast of the BBC Northern Irish mockumentary sitcom Soft Border Control. He also presents the Shane Todd show on BBC Radio Ulster and hosts his own podcast The Shane Toddcast and Tea with me.

We kick things off with Shane explaining why he doesn't drink before a gig. We discuss the importance of having friends who’s feedback on your material you trust. Shane recalls how he got into stand up and how it took him 10 years of performing, before he overcame the nerves and anxiety. He describes the Northern Island comedy scene and what he learned from performing stand up in New York. He explains how his approach to writing has changed over the years and how lockdown has given him the opportunity to go over and analyse his material.

On a more serious note, Shane confesses why he had to go cold turkey on football manager. We debate the merit of of writing material on a notepad rather than a laptop. He explains how he used his experience of getting diagnosed with crohn's disease, as an opportunity to adopt a more positive mindset and attitude. Shane also talks about the experience of being a new Dad and why he prefers not to do material on his family. Why he started creating content and how roasting the Ulster rugby team led to Shane going viral. And why scheduling making content didn’t work for him. We also cover how Shane got into radio presenting and why things fell into place when he was more his authentic self; his love for playing football, why God is never described as a best selling author and loads more!

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