Tom Deacon on how he balances being a comedian and presenter


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In this conversation I chat to comedian and presenter Tom Deacon (

Tom has been performing live stand-up for the last 12 years and has notched up 4 Edinburgh solo shows. He has presented for the likes of BBC2, BBC Radio1, The Capital FM breakfast show and YouTube football channel Copa90. Tom has also made guest appearances on BBC2’s The Rob Brydon Show, Dave’s One Night Stand and ITV2’s Fake Reaction. He is currently the host of F1 Esports Pro Series.

Tom explains how he got into performing stand up comedy and presenting and how he got signed early on his career to Avalon. He describes the struggle between transitioning from club sets to an hours show at Edinburgh Fringe. And the negative impact that bad reviews of his show had on him and his run. Tom also breaks down his writing process on stage and the pressure of performing on TV when you only have one take.

We discuss Toms desire to travel the world in order to have more to say on stage. He opens up about the challenge of having to hold back as a presenter and how it affects his creativity as a stand up. Tom also describes the experience of gigging with James Acaster early on his career and watching him die on stage twice. He recounts his time as a presenter at BBC Radio One and talks about the idea of sacrificing parts of your dreams/creativity, in order to achieve balance and happiness. Tom says it's ok to accept that the goal you set out to achieve, in hindsight, is actually not quite what you want.

Tom highlights the power of saying no to opportunities and to prioritise your own well being. How to deal with haters and social media comments. The importance of being proud and happy with your own work. What it's like interviewing huge stars and how to keep your shit together. The experience of travelling round Europe as a presenter for Copa90 and loads more!

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