Will Robbins on the benefits of self-discipline and journaling everyday


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In this conversation I chat to actor and comedian Will Robbins (https://www.instagram.com/willyrobbins).

Will reached the final of the Brighton Komedia new comedian of 2020 competition. He recently starred in Comedy Centra's 'Transaction' and writes and acts in sketches on Instagram with his comedy partner in LOL's, Ben Cohen.

Will kicks things off describing his creative partnership with Ben and how they started creating sketches together. We talk about the advantage of making content with a friend. Will describes how an hallucinogenic trip changed his view and approach on the world. We discuss our former life working in the music industry. How Will got into stand up and the struggles that comes with the early days of gigging on the open mic circuit.

Will shares the experience of acting in Comedy Central's 'Transaction' and the challenges that come with not being able to improvise. He breaks down his daily 30/30/30 ritual of journalling, stretching and meditating and explains the positive impact it’s had on him since incorporating it as part of his routine. We discuss the benefits of self-discipline, share our love for silly comedy and Will explains how it's influenced the sketches he creates.

We talk about Will's first job as a runner at BBC entertainment commissioning department, which made live at the Apollo and describes his experience of being a researcher on Russell Howards Good News. Will explains the satisfaction that comes with seeing through and finishing a creative project, but the fear that also comes with it. He breaks down his sketch writing process, why dialogue on IG doesn’t work and loads more!

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