Bally Alley Astrocast: Episode 17 - News, Updates, List All Cartridges


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In episode #17 of the Bally Alley Astrocast, I play a bit of catch-up to bring the podcast semi-current. I also made this episode to get me back into the podcasting mood. I cover all of the Bally Arcade/Astrocade videos I made in 2020 about the Astrocade and I make brief mentions of the ones about the Atari, Amiga and TI-99/4a computers. I go over all of the updates to the website dating back to February 2020. I list all of the Astrocade games on cartridge and BASIC that have been covered so far in previous episodes. Plus, I talk about the cartridges that still need to be covered in upcoming episodes.

Thanks to "Quinn Tech Retro" on YouTube and Chris++ for inspiring me to make this episode.

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Where are the Show Notes?

I always spend far too long creating the show notes. For now, they're on an extended hiatus until I find more time to devote to them. If there's something in the podcast that would want to hear more about and a search on the Internet won't turn it up for you, then contact the Astrocade discussion group on


There is no feedback covered in this episode,but we would love to hear your thoughts and comments about this (or any) Astrocast episode or about your history with the Bally Arcade/Astrocade. The best way to contact us is via email at BallyAlley or through via the Bally Alley Discussion Group at

Next Episode's Coverage

Astrocast #17 was supposed to cover the material in the "AstroBASIC" manual. That was recorded, but it didn't turned out the way I hoped that it would sound, so the "AstroBASIC" manual overview has been put off until I can cover it with a co-host. Episode #18 will cover a BASIC game and maybe a cartridge game too. Right now, I'll see what sounds interesting to me when I'm ready to record the new episode.

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