Bally Alley Astrocast: Episode 7 - Dog Patch and O-Jello


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In episode 7 of the Bally Alley Astrocast Chris and I review the Dog Patch cartridge, the 1980 Astrocade port of the 1978 B&W Dog Patch arcade game. Due to scheduling conflicts, Paul and Michael could not record for this episode, so Chris is co-hosting the show with Adam.

Recurring Links

Dog Patch by Bally

O-Jello by Clyde Perkins

End-Show Music

  • Chopsticks WAV File - The song Chopsticks is taken from WaveMakers' Music Keyboard, a BASIC program that allows the user to create 2-voice music using an on-screen piano keyboard. The music could then be exported to tape and then used in your own program. Music Keyboard was released on in December 1982 on Tape 17. It was also released on WaveMakers' tape 19 and Astro-Bugs Club Tape #1 (without the chopsticks music that is played on the title screen). It was later reprinted in the Arcadian.

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