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As the tumultuous 1960's came to a close, the Baltimore Colts were on unfamiliar shaky ground following their loss in Super Bowl III, and all the fallout that came from it. The most important piece of that was the complete and total fracture of the already tenuous relationship between Carroll Rosenbloom and Don Shula, the latter whom finally said enough was enough, and bolted from Baltimore for the warm shores of South Beach. Needing a replacement for him, Rosenbloom turned to an interior option in offensive coordinator Don McCafferty, a cool-headed, soft spoken individual who was beloved amongst the players for his easygoing nature. Anyone who thought he would prove to be too lax of an option that would allow the team to get complacent for the near future was wrong though, and they would learn that in short order. Mac and the 1970 Colts entered the season with one goal in mind: Ride the last legs of an all-time great in Johnny Unitas to the promised land at last. Would they prove themselves up to the task? Or would the old legend be put out to pasture without another ring to show for his immeasurable impact on the game?

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