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What's up y'all? The boys are back after a glorious sports weekend to talk about all that transpired in that regard, from Phil Mickelson getting it done in the PGA Championship, to the F1 action at Monaco. After that brief opening banter, we have a surprising amount of Ravens discussion for late May, including some final thoughts on the Hollywood Brown number change situation that we haven't gotten to air out yet, some of the media availability stuff that's been coming out of the Castle recently, and the highlights from rookie minicamp so far. After that, they get into the main event which is of course the Julio Jones discussion. It's already been discussed to a point on this show, but the guys have some fresh takes on it and plenty to offer up in what's an intriguing and unique situation this late in the offseason. Thanks for listening guys, and be sure to stay tuned both to the pod, and our social feeds, for a very big announcement regarding something exciting coming to the show very soon.

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