Brian Turner Explains How Diet Cured His Acne | Episode 1


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"Scars may give somewhat of a character to the person, I notice it in a good way in other people because I have also gone through the same experience with acne.”

Today's episode features Brian turner, who runs the Team Acne instagram and youtube channel. We'll share what got brian into making youtube videos in the first place, and the comment he received that kept him going.

In this episode we talk about

  1. Brian's top 3 acne tips
  2. How to overcome the emotional struggle of acne
  3. Habits to become your best self
  4. What Brian's workout routine is
  5. What Brian has tried for his acne scars?
  6. What's the comment that made Brian keep up with his youtube channel?

Show notes:

1:17: The top 3 tips for those dealing with acne. Which food made the biggest difference on Brian's acne.

Sleep - Why is that important? Whole foods vs processed foods what difference does it make for acne?

Daisy: Reading the labels and avoiding sugar. How sugar is hidden in many foods that seemly appear healthy.

3:20 Piece of advice for those who felt like they hit rock bottom with their skin? Brian: Taking a small step like just going to the grocery store, picking a time where there aren't as many people.

Daisy: Think about taking small steps to get more confident as if it is a muscle that you are building up.

5:40: Habits that help you be the best version of your self?

Brian: Start each day with drinking water! Making sure you sleep, you'll be more productive versus sacrificing sleep. Exercise - you don't have to do a lot even just 10 or 15 minutes of cardio will release endorphins and help regular your energy levels and emotions.

6:00 What Brian has tried on Acne scars - and how long it took to see results.

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