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“Your opinion of me will never change my life.”

Theresa Roemer has become one of the known lifestyle influencers. Theresa Roemer, as a brand has evolved into a lifestyle for those who want to achieve success in everything they do. Built around this driven and charismatic personality, success with a heart is always possible!

In this episode we talk about:

  1. Theresa’s success story
  2. Even her unfortunate experiences in life
  3. Helpful tips on how to rise above challenges
  4. Theresa’s important ideals in life
  5. Behind the scenes during her workdays

Show notes:

1:25 - An entrepreneur all her life. Theresa has been working since she was 9 years old

2:15 -Her world’s largest closet is a place for charity

4:05 - Theresa’s climb to being a millionaire has so much hard work and dedication

5:35 - Looking at goals and achieving those goals. Not looking at one goal only.

7:10 - She experienced being belittled

8:05 - Consistency is huge. It is always a significant effort.

10:57 -Having a deadline is important. Always set a deadline otherwise it’s procrastination

13:25 -Not everyone will agree or like us. Haters are labeled as fans.

14:45 -This is not a dress rehearsal. Live life as a real deal.

15:45 -Theresa also has her share of unfortunate experiences

18:50 -Life problems are inevitable. Rise above these problems

19:58 -Everyone got a story worth sharing. Losing her son is never easy grief and will never be

21:00 -As long as there is work, there is a purpose

23:00 -Everyone needs a visual board. Looking at it helps get a good focus

26:05 -Women can do business like how men do

29:00 -Skincare tip- get a Banish Kit!

30:50 -Wake up every day and live the best life!

31:50 -Sunday is Theresa’s busiest day

33:15 -Taking a vacation is important- time to relax and refresh

37:48 -Every day is a workday

As a female entrepreneur, Theresa is such an inspiration to Daisy. The conversation is so meaningful and inspirational. Let us be motivated to become the best successful version of ourselves!

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