He's the Visegrip Viking (w/Odd Haugen)


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Today I’m talking to strength icon Odd Haugen, who’s decades-long career in strength is the stuff of legend. Originally from Norway, he’s an accomplished champion powerlifter and fitness entrepreneur who’s owned and operated some of the most storied gyms in America. He also has a long history in strongman, winning the 1999 Strongest Man in America contest and competing at several World’s Strongest Man contests well into his 50s. Haugen has also been instrumental in bringing Mas Wrestling to western audiences, and he’s now on a mission to popularize the sport of arm lifting — a sport where his world-class grip strength makes him one of the world’s most dominant athletes, even into his 70s. Haugen also coached 2019 World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis from a relative strength beginner to one of the best strength athletes on the planet.

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