Patriots Will Hold Weak Republicans Accountable


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Patriots across America have come to expect the Democrats to act in their own self interest and the interest of foreign nations over America's wellbeing. However, there are Republican who have joined with the citizens' adversaries in their handing over of our Republic to those who would destroy her. We need to hold these weak Republican accountable. The time is now to search for their replacement. Patriots will find candidates who will not bow down to the political class and actually serve the American People. Americans deserve men and women of and for the people NOT of and for the politicians. We must fund and support these Patiotic men and women in their primary against the following Republicans: John Katki NY, Liz Chaney WY, Adam Kinzinger IL, Fred Upton MI, Jaime Buetker WA, Dan Newhouse WA, Peter Meller MI, Anthony Gonzalez OH, Tom Rice SC and David Valadao CA. All of these Republicans voted to impeach the President who fought for America First, President Trump. Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People show.

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