Indy & Olly's founder announces the new holiday bandana line available for your dog(s)


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Indy & Olly’s is a for-purpose dog bandana company that helps dogs in animal rescues and shelters get adopted by improving pet adoption photos…because dogs look #betterwithbandanas. Today we learn about the new holiday styles avaialbe for your dog.

Indy & Olly’s got its start in 2019 out of Evergreen, Colorado, when our founder decided it was time to honor two of her favorite dogs with a business that gives back. Indy & Olly’s—the company—has several goals -

  • Help homeless dogs find homes

  • Be a platform for promoting dog adoptions, spreading the spay & neuter message and keeping dogs out of shelters.

  • Care for the earth and its inhabitants in all we do.



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