Shelby Bobosky, Executive Director for the Texas Humane Legislation Network, discusses the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act


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The Safe Outdoor Dogs Act prohibits chaining up dogs outdoors in Texas and requires dogs have adequate shelter. AUSTIN, Texas — After a nearly identical bill was vetoed by Gov. Greg Abbott earlier this year, Senate Bill 5, also known as the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act, was signed into law in October.

Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) is the only Texas-based organization focused on addressing unjust state animal welfare laws. We at the Texas Humane Legislation Network - a 501c4 - are working to stop animal cruelty and abuse before it starts.

Our IRS status as a 501c4 allows us to be political animal advocates, by lobbying and working with our representatives to fix our lenient animal cruelty laws. While there are *thousands* of 501c3s in Texas formed to help animals, they are *VERY* limited in how much they can lobby, and are outright prohibited from participating in any partisan activities.

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