Dan Duquette Former 16 year General Manager and Executive of the Year.


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Former General Manager of the Expos, Red Sox and Orioles. Founder of Duquette Sports Academy. Two-Time Executive of the Year. Brewers Scouting Assistant, Expos Director player development, currently founding principal Duquette consulting.

Things discussed:

His experiences in the game that got him at the top of being an MLB General Manager.

Dreams of when he was a kid.

Playing Wiffle ball as a kid with the kids in town.

Playing Baseball as a catcher and football linebacker, how it helped his career.

Your advice to young people if they get into baseball.

Mentors which helped him along the way.

Players he signed.

His academy purpose.

Aggressive scouting vital to building a winner.

Hiring of a manager.

Rule changes.

Changes in the game.

Playing the game on your own.

No base coaches, Filipe Alou.


Scouting system after Moneyball.

Communication between front office and coaches.

Much more.

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