Eastern European Baseball the New Frontier of Baseball Players in Europe.


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On the show Dimitry Kiselev Russian Baseball Federation President and Ukraine National Team Coach Oleg Boyko.

Why is Eastern Europe the New Frontier of players in Europe?

Are players developed differently in your countries?

Why do some areas have mentally tough players?

Do you use the science from your other sports, past Olympic training methods in baseball?

What are the strengths of your players?

What are the weaknesses they need to work on more?

Are coaches tough on kids?

State of the game in their countries and Eastern Europe.

During Pandemic how did you keep players and coaches motivated along with the training?

The number of clubs, teams, and players in your country.

How baseball organizations are set up by the federations?

Government is part of the organization?

How you get kids to play the sport?

How you keep kids playing the sport?

Difficulties starting baseball clubs in your countries?

Do you have players playing in the USA or anywhere else in the world?

Do you have foreign players playing in your country and how does that help your players?

New professional league starting in Eastern Europe.

Lots more, check it out.

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