Cool as Min-Ice - Minute 3: Bikes Bikes Baby (with Kit Flemons)


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COOL... AS... ICE!

Whassup fellas?

We're rollin’ into a new town today. This place looks WHACK! There’s nothing to do! Hold it - Johnny spots a hottie driving a horse... time to show her a real hero and make that jaw drop with some FRESH moves!

Backin' up our MCs is homeboy Kit Flemons - AKA Kit Kat. We axed Kit to cruise with the crew 'cause he's sharper than the point on the tip of a nail.

The next episode follows on Monday. Be kool, stay in skool - and if you ain't true to yourself then you ain't true to nobody. PEACE!

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Today's Guest was:

Kit Flemons - Facebook - Twitter - Rat Bit Kit

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