S3 #1 Is 2021 the best year to pay off debt?


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Welcome to another episode of the Battle of the Budget Show. Here we discuss everything from financial infidelity, to common financial struggles. We talk about real issues. We interview a variety of individuals from everyday people to experts in the world of money.
2020 has been a challenging year for a lot of people. With work from home, people losing their jobs, travel restrictions, and a completely new social norm. But on the flip side, many people started their side hustle, learned new skills, heck it even made us realize how little money can we enjoy life, it taught us to be more at home and spend time with family. This Christmas we spend the least on the gifts, yet we had a memorable Christmas. We were also able to save more speed up the Debt pay down and Jaclyn aims to be Debt Free in 2021.
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