112. High Achievers and High Standards


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The women I work with and coach are primarily high-achieving, perfectionist, driven women and I specifically work with these kinds of women because I am one myself. I know what it means, how it affects my client’s lives and the challenges they face because of it. And I also know it comes with a shadow: allowing yourself to receive help and support, even if you are paying for it.

This really showed up on my radar in the last week with three of my clients. I’d noticed that outside of the weekly coaching calls we have in the program, our group chat had been completely silent and my number one rule with my clients is that you do not get to struggle silently. After talking to them about it, I recognized a pattern that I’d seen in so many others and myself. Their shame and ego were keeping them stuck. That feeling of “why can’t I just do this?” “What’s wrong with me?”

It stems from this narrative that we just need to suck up and figure it out. We shouldn't ask for help. We need to do it all ourselves. As high-achievers especially, we put so much of our worth and our achievements and it feels like we're going to die when we aren't achieving. We think there’s something wrong with us and our ego kicks in to tell us to stay in that zone of “stuck” because it’s safe.

When we can learn to let our ego down and embrace our feminine energy of receiving, we open ourselves up to support and know that doesn’t mean we are weak. It doesn’t mean that we “can’t” do it. It means we have big goals and we know that we can’t do it alone. We know we’re not meant to do it alone.

Our real power lies in allowing ourselves to be supported.

Allow yourself to receive help. Allow yourself to be held. Because you are worthy of it.

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