#360 - Devon Werner gets REAL about Wander Lust: The Chocolate Made Me Do It


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In life, we often have a picture of how we think the future will look. The picture is so clear to us, we can embrace it as if it has already come into existence. What do we do when we become so attached to a vision of how things should be that we lose sight of how things are? When we are scared to alter our current course for fear it will change our future. Take a moment to evaluate your day. Is it filled with draining people, boring routines, and an overwhelming desire for more? What if you stepped outside of your ordinary day-to-day and tried something different? Sure, it’s easy to dream about, but there are a million reasons why we just keep on keeping on. Sitting with our excuses and spending many of our days living out the monotonous moments creates complacency. in turn, all we can do is long for more. When we alter the course, each moment becomes something so much more impactful. It changes our perspectives. It changes us. My name is Devon Werner and I am the author of Wander Lust: The Chocolate Made Me Do It. I wrote this book as a way to chronicle my adventures and reflect upon the happenstance of my life. The process of writing this book made me realize that I wanted to share my story with others who may need to read it. I have been through some difficult moments in my life and found it helpful to read about others who had similar experiences. People who get it. Join me as I welcome you in to some of life’s most epic moments, from adrenaline rushing adventures, hilarious outtakes, and the raw emotions of navigating through life, love, and loneliness. This book will take you on a journey through all of the feels. As you read this book, I hope you realize that you are worthy of an epic story, regardless of what has been written before. When you prioritize yourself over your excuses, you too, can rewrite the story that you deserve. You will love this book if you enjoy reflection and story telling that embraces self discovery and human connection. Wander Lust: The Chocolate Made Me Do It, speaks to all readers regardless of age, background, circumstance whether you are a traveler; want to be traveler; adventure seeker; hopeless romantic; lover of chocolate; or just really want a relatable character that struggles with many of the same challenges we all face every day


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