Be The Bridge 219 - She’s The Bridge (Part 1) with Vivan Mabuni


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Often discussions on race in America are limited to a black and white binary. Since the rise of the Covid-19 virus, hate crimes have been on the rise against the AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) community. If you truly understand the heart and calling of the Be The Bridge organization then you understand that bridge-building doesn’t stop with two groups. Today’s guest Vivian Mabuni helps us unpack the tensions, opportunities, and solutions for bridge-building, especially as it relates to those in and outside of the AAPI family and or body politic.

“...and in the same way, you and I, as women of color, we can't walk away from the conversation, because it is our lived experience day in and day out.” - Vivian Mabuni

“ When leaders don't use proper terminology, like COVID, and instead use a term like Chinese virus or Kung Flu, that hurts my community.” -Vivian Mabuni

“ I, of course, have felt silenced, you know, all along. And what's interesting is my culture, the foundation of a lot of Asian culture is based in Confucian teaching.” - Vivian Mabuni

“ I am so grateful for the leadership of the black community in civil rights that have made way for injustices to be exposed, that Asian Americans AAPI, people can have a different life because we stand on the shoulders of the leadership of the black community.” - Vivian Mabuni


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