Be The Bridge 222 - How Bridge-Building Is Exported Through Training (Part 2) with Mariah Humphries, Gina Fimble and Sean Watkins


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If you use terminology like “colorblind” to show your racial and cultural compassion and understanding, this episode is tailored for you. Many people outside of the BIPOC communities are lost as it relates to how to communicate and implement a culture of color and cultural caring and sensitivity in such volatile times. This is the wheelhouse of the Be The Bridge training team. This episode’s discussion is centered around cultivating and curating safe spaces for the purpose of building cohesion through anti-racism. Once again the listener is given a glimpse behind the scenes of our training team’s process and execution as well as a look at the results with the organizations we’ve worked with. Listen to this great conversation between our Ministry Educator, Mariah Humphries, Director of Training and Strategy Sean Watkins, and Board member and BTB Educator Gina Fimble.

Host & Executive Producer - Latasha Morrison

Senior Producer - Lauren C. Brown

Producer, Editor & Music By - Travon Potts

Transcriber - Travon Potts


“ know, a popular magazine, People Magazine, in the 25 years of having People magazine's Most beautiful cover, there has only been three black women who have been on the cover of people's most beautiful. - Gina Fimble

“...a lot of times when I have these conversations with white people, there is this complete, unawareness dare I say ignorance, but not in the negative connotation, of their own culture. It is a ubiquitous, ‘how can we come together and be reconciled’, because they don't know their history, they don't know their own cultural context.” - Sean Watkins

“I think it's healthy to understand the system of whiteness that we have inherited, which is a system that was created to benefit people who look white or people who are white passing, you know, racial labels have been applied to non white groups for the purposes of stigmatizing them and exploiting them.” - Gina Fimble

“...this is one of the challenges that I have with a number of my friends and colleagues that work in predominately white spaces, there's always an invitation of, ‘I really don't want to examine the past’....” - Sean Watkins


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