Be The Bridge 223 - Take It to the Bridge with Latasha Morrison (Part 1)


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Description: Founder Latasha Morrison is finally back on the podcast in the first episode of the “Take It to the Bridge” series, but this time she’s on the other side of the mic! Tandria Potts returns as guest host and talks with Latasha about grief, the impact of COVID on Black and brown communities, the difference between allies and accomplices, and how the church’s polarization is getting in the way of racial healing. This insightful conversation is Part 1 of 2 featuring Latasha, so don’t miss the second installment next time.

Host & Executive Producer - Latasha Morrison
Senior Producer - Lauren C. Brown
Producer, Editor & Music By - Travon Potts
Transcriber - Brittany Prescott

Quotes:“A call-out is accountability, and I call you out because I love you. I think we have to lead with lovingkindness in the call-out, but praying towards conviction—because I don’t want you just to be called out and you make a change, or you do a post, and then everything goes back to normal.” - Latasha

“This is a spiritual battle that we’re in, and I think we have to see it that way. And I hope that others begin to see it. We have to pray against this spiritual darkness. That’s the way—so I’m not vilifying people, so that I can have compassion to continue to do the work that I’m doing. I have to see it that way. My brothers and sisters are in darkness.” - Latasha

“The church has ingested the same thing that the world has ingested. It’s not a separate system. This is part of the same unhealthy empire system.” - Latasha“There’s a big difference between an ally and an accomplice. An ally is in it when the going gets tough, but an accomplice says, “I’m going to take the front line, I’m going to be beside you. I’m going to be behind you, I’m going to support you.” I think that’s what’s needed in these times, where if I need to take a break, if I need a timeout, then there’s someone that’s rising to the challenge but not for notoriety.” - Latasha

“These situations keep bringing up opportunities for us to have a deeper conversation, and I don’t think that’s happening. Because we have a very short-term memory when it comes to these incidents. We were just here last year with Ahmaud Arbery. And with George Floyd. And at the same time that the Chauvin trial is happening, you know, his trial is happening like 10 miles from where this incident with Daunte Wright happened.” - Latasha


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