Be The Bridge 225 - with Lecrae


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In this episode of the Be the Bridge podcast, our founder, Latasha Morrison, has a conversation with world-renowned and multi-platinum hip-hop artist, Lecrae. His wisdom resonates throughout the interview as he shares his story from navigating predominately white spaces to his thoughts on church culture. They discuss his amazing philanthropic endeavors and his personal battles with mental health. And through it all, Lecrae shares how he still has joy and hope.

Host & Executive Producer - Latasha Morrison
Senior Producer - Lauren C. Brown
Producer, Editor & Music By - Travon Potts
Transcriber - Sarah Connatser

“This music was the way I could hear stories I understood and I related. That's how I first began to fall in love with hip-hop.” -Lecrae“Over time I began to realize, to some people I was a novelty and it wasn't that they appreciated all of who I was and all of my story.” -Lecrae

“For me, it's figuring out how to use what I have to serve other people.” -Lecrae

“It’s that tension and that dance of trying to be loving and gracious, but at the same time, also saying, this is not okay. And so it's working through that tension. Because I never want to function as a hateful person. I always want to function as someone who's gracious and wants people to wrestle with nuance and ignorance. But there's a place to do that. And oftentimes it's not in front of the camera.” -Lecrae

“You can't grow without tension.” -Lecrae

“I connect with the Scriptures, I connect with God, I connect with my Savior. But the culture that's wrapped up in this I don't connect with.” -Lecrae

“It was tough to reorient myself. It was tough to realign myself to depend on therapy and change my lifestyle to slow down. It was tough, but I really feel like it was the best thing that's happened to me because I'm a better person from it.” -Lecrae

“In this season of life, I find a lot of joy in contentment. I find myself content in terms of my own ambitions so that I can be ambitious for other people.” -Lecrae

“When the Trail of Tears was happening, during 400 years of slavery, during segregation, the tomb was empty. People held on to that reality then, and I can hold on to it today. The tomb is empty and I can keep pushing.” -Lecrae


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