Transitioning to grey hair with Karly Nimmo


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Karly Nimmo (podcaster, business coach, voiceover artist and content creator) started going grey when she was a teenager. And when she turned 40 she finally did what she had wanted to do for a decade - she stopped colouring her hair.

Bec and Karly chat about what happens when you show up in the world at 40 with a full head of grey hair. They discuss why Karly decided to do it, what her experience has been like, and what it has to do with being uncluttered.

Karly is really active online so you can get to know her there. All her socials can be found at and definitely give her podcast Karlosophies a listen as well (her latest, titled "Curating the content of your life") talks about contentment actually - tying in with our recent episode).

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