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The Kazon-Nistrim, with the aid of former Maquis Crewmember Seska, steal a piece of Federation technology from Voyager that could alter the balance of power in the sector. It's the Kazon, but it's also take the good with the bad?

If you're watching with us, the next episode will be the two parter from season 4 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine | Homefront and Paradise Lost

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Matt doesn't know anything about Star Trek. Brent has been a Trekkie for over 20 years, having watched every episode and movie multiple times.

Join Matt as he explores for the first time why is Trek the Cultural Phenomenon that it is today. Relive all those early moment when you first watched Trek. But since there are over 760+ hours of Star Trek, Brent's task will be to find the best 150 or so that best represent what Star Trek is, the story of Star Trek, and paint Gene Roddenberry's vision of the Future.

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