04/07/10 Edition (with D.I.S.H.A & Romantech)


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with Romantech and D.I.S.H.A
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Antix - Manta [Beckers Remix]
Antix - The Hoard [Magilk J]
UP FM DJ Pick of the Week - Flick:
Antix - Circade [RPO remix]
Greg Churchill - Clown Punch
BDR New/Recent NZ Release of the Week (for week of June 28th):
Magik J - Alarm Clock (Original mix)
Dan Aux - Black Sheep [That Girl DJ Remix]
This Week's Free Downloads on http://www.deliciousmusic.co.nz:
Gomorrah - The Adventures of Sam Spade
Sick Cycle - Unknown
Million Buxx Live @ Soulstice 2010
Kid Cudi - Day n Nite [Sentient Bootleg mix]
Bulletproof - Step to You feat MC Rugged Tekniques
Squeezer - Pure Juice [nsu remix]
Upbeats feat Trei - The Stars
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