Beatfreak Radio Show By D-Formation #190 | Nadya (RU)


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1. D-Formation - Ai (Dub Mix) [Oto Music] 2. Nadya (RU) - Andromeda (Original Mix) [Natura Viva Black] 3. Simos Tagias - Starchild (Original Mix) [BeatFreak Recordings] 4. D-Formation, Sean & Dee - Nihal (Original Mix) [BeatFreak Recordings] 5. Nadya (RU) - Alpha Centauri (Original Mix) [BeatFreak Recordings] 6. Nadya (RU) - Gravity Circle (D-Formation Remix) [BeatFreak Recordings] 7. Nishan Lee, NAHS - Deleted Scene (Original Mix) [BeatFreak Recordings] 8. EANP - Darkhall (Original Mix) [BeatFreak Limited] 9. Kamilo Sanclemente, Rivellino - Midnight Storm (Modeplex Remix) [BeatFreak Recordings] 10. Nadya (RU) - Last Take (blaktone Remix) [BeatFreak Recordings]

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