Introductory Course On Islam From Convert And Former Prom Queen And Varsity Sports Team Captain (USA


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Host: Adee Simon Macdowell.

Guest: Lindsay Um Fatima.

Our guest is Lindsay Um Fatima

Today we talk about her course which is an introductory course on Islam.

It is from her website.

About Lindsay:

  • Converted in February 14, 2010
  • 11 years since converting
  • Age is 39
  • From South Shore of Massachusetts, USA
  • She's a wife and homeschooling mom of 2 daughters


  • Has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Italian linguistics and a Doctorate in Natural Health with a specialization in Ayurveda (Indian medicine).
  • Hobbies and interests include oil painting, writing, studying languages, cultures, history, religions, and teaching
  • Passionate about taking care of her family, raising her children with strong Islamic values and educating them to a very high standard in all subjects and making sure they are healthy and happy

Lindsay is a truth-seeker in general and is passionate about spreading the truth about Islam.

About Lindsay's resources:

(1) Introductory course - Journey to Faith:

  • Part 1: What is Islam, who are the Muslims, and what do they believe?
  • Part 2: The Life of Prophet Muhammad
  • Part 3: The Quran
  • Part 4: Controversial Topics in Islam, Monogamy or Polygamy in Islam, Wives of Prophet Muhammad, The Prophet's Marriage to Aisha
  • Part 5: Quotes about Prophet Muhammad
  • Part 6: The Hijab
  • Part 7: How to Convert to Islam


(2) From Prom Queen to Hijabi:

My Journey to Faith on a Road Less Traveled - by U.M. Fatima

How does a typical American girl from Boston go from being Prom Queen and captain of two varsity sports teams to a proud orthodox Muslim?

(3) The Quran Reading Comprehension Workbook Series - Volume 1 - by U.M. Fatima

The Quran Reading Comprehension Workbook Series - FOR KIDS - By U.M. Fatima

Lindsay's artwork:

Listen to Lindsay's convert story here in another episode:

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