Raise Your Vibration From The Islamic Perspective: From The Book How To Be A Happy Muslim (USA)


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Host: Crystal Joseph.

Guest: Sheima Sumer.

Today we talk to Sheima Sumer.

This is her second episode on the podcast.

  • Sheima was born in the USA.
  • She has a Masters in Counseling and is 39 years old.

In this episode Sheima talks about her book entitled:

How to be a Happy Muslim Insha'Allah: Rise Above your Problems and Choose Inner Peace and Joy with Ideas from the Quran, Sunnah, Counseling and Health Fields


Topics discussed in the episode:

  • Law of attraction law of vibration
  • Prioritising inner peace and inner happiness
  • Exercising
  • Cutting out toxic people
  • Destiny
  • Self Confidence
  • Controlling your actions and thoughts

A video on destiny as recommended by Sheima:


For anyone interested, here are the topics covered in Sheima's book:

  • The very short answer to how to be a happy Muslim insha'allah
  • Why I wrote this book and how to use this book
  • Ways to develop a strong personal relationship with Allah
  • Make the decision that you genuinely want to be a happy Muslim (and decide on what being a happy Muslim means)
  • Regularly perform the 5 pillars of Islam
  • Send abundant blessings and prayers upon the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  • Islam and the law of attraction
  • How to always feel content no matter what problems you are facing (and it's OK to always feel content)
  • Remember to be grateful, remember to learn, remember to hope
  • Train yourself to always stay calm as your base feeling. (calm - or inner peace - is your base feeling from which you feel joy and other positive feelings.)
  • Think about what you want rather than about what you don't want, and act from thoughts of what you want
  • Learn to listen to your intuition and to become more inner-directed
  • Either speak good or keep silent
  • Be yourself
  • How to cope with traumatic past experiences
  • The health chapter: exercise, vitamin d3, coconut oil, unprocessed foods, 'oil pulling', and how I lost 30 pounds
  • Remember: this life is not the life where you get everything you want
  • When you have a negative thought, look that negative thought square in the eye and then choose the thought you want to have
  • Review this list of common false beliefs
  • Volunteer
  • Do things that make you feel happy
  • About forgiving others
  • How to be more self-confident

Here is Sheima's first episode:


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