Season 4 Episode 5: Christian Dating 101: Sloane's Biggest Takeaways


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This episode is going to be a bit different. Our lovely host, Sloane Crawford, reflects on the first half of the season, and she’s announcing some exciting news for what’s up next for BTOP!

For the rest of Season 4 of Becoming The One Podcast, we’re going to dive into some Dating Chronicles.

Yep, we’re talking to real people to hear their stories and what they’ve learned on their journey to becoming the one. Each guest will share their experiences with us and give some tips and advice on dating well. We hope you’re ready because it’s going to get good!!
The first half of Season 4 was jam-packed with valuable nuggets to help our listeners to understand dating and dating well. Now we’re ready to move forward into the Dating Chronicle series featuring amazing guests — stay tuned!

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