Season 4 Episode 6: Dating Chronicles Part 1: Dating and Deconstructing with Briana Whiteside


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If we’re going to build a healthy marriage one day, we’ve got to start with some deconstruction!

Negative mindsets and false narratives have got to go if we’re ever going to connect and relate to others in a real way. Our amazing host, Sloane, is very transparent about being shallow in her past relationships. In this episode, she is determined to refocus on what’s important and change her perspective on meeting the ONE.

Joining us today, we have Dr. Briana Whiteside! Former TOU student and Chicago native who grew up entirely around single mothers! She shares her story and how she has been able to tear down some old ways of thinking in order to move into what God wanted to do in her life.
You can follow Dr. Briana Whiteside on Instagram @thebookofbriana.

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