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With no tools, no teams or projects, three men sit down on this episode to talk Friendship.

Connection can typically be filed into a “Women Only” category.

But, as you’ll hear from Josh, Matthew and Dan; men don’t just need but actually long for deep connection with each other.

We hope you’ll listen to this honest conversation between men about men and come away with a better understating of this deep need.

For our male listeners, hearing words put to buried feelings can help serve as a model of guys needing guys.

For women, hearing men discuss connection and acknowledge a desire for brotherhood can help take the weight off your own relationship.

Both men and women were made for community.

The idea that men don’t need anyone leaves our husbands, fathers, sons, brothers feeling isolated and alone.

Maybe this conversation will make you cringe. That’s ok. We hope you don’t just shrug it off because building community among men is a vulnerable, courageous, necessary step to “Becoming Whole.”


I want to be seen I want to be known not based on what I do but who I am.

That’s a huge ache and that’s in all of us, whether or not we can say it or not.

Often times when someone is sharing their pain and you feel an instinct to help, to correct, to encourage; just check yourself there because what might be going on for them


When was the last time you Initiated with a guy friend?


Jesus's closest friends
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