When Spouses Have Different Sex Drives Part 1


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If you’re married, you can attest to the fact that Holy Matrimony don’t necessarily mean holy harmony.

Marriage involves the sometimes tough work of learning, adjusting, confronting, putting up with, and blessing your spouse's differences. When those differences hit the bedroom, couples tend to avoid the necessary work.

If that sounds uncomfortably familiar, you aren’t alone.

In fact, 1 out of 3 couples struggle with differing sexual desires.

Josh and Kit invite you into a two part series covering the beautiful and sacred topic of Sex. When love and libido for a husband and wife don’t magically align, it can be disappointing, frustrating and confusing.

This challenge can lead some couples to drift apart. Others believe the answer will be found by exploring different sexual techniques or preferences. Both these miss an important truth to building sexual compatibility: The foundation of a good sex life is love--love for one another right there in that place of difference. Let this podcast be a first step for you and your spouse to love each other better in the bedroom.

Listen in for Part 1 and then make sure to come back for Part 2 next week.

The goal through this series is to set you and your spouse on the same path to loving each other in a free, faithful, full and fruitful sex life.


the foundation of a good sex life is love

Love in its purest form has 4 different elements: It’s Free, Faithful, Full and Fruitful

just because we’re talking about the seriousness of love and the sacredness of sexual intimacy doesn’t mean it’s not playful. But it’s playful with the person you’re with in that moment.


FAITHFUL: Sex within marriage reinforces the promise saying, ‘I forsake all others and I choose you.’

FREE: Sex within marriage is not owed or demanded, but given freely.

FULL: All of me with all of you

FRUITFUL: Sex is the method through which new life is created.

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