Episode 329 - Inspirational Lessons on VISION From the 3 Little Pigs


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Developing a long-lasting stormproof vision is an essential part of our journey to becoming our best. Whether it is an organizational or personal vision, it'll provide direction to our teams, ourselves, and even our customers.

In this episode, we analyze the transformational effects of setting a powerful vision. Using the 3 Little Pigs story as a case study, we unravel the benefits of having a well-thought, consistent vision that inspires those around to do their best to live and work according to that vision, which will also help them find their way back when they get out of track.

We analyze several examples of companies that made their own and their customers' lives easier by providing a clear, short, and concise vision of how they conduct their business and what values they expect to deliver. We also look closely into a few details to consider when writing our personal vision, the pitfalls to avoid, and why it is crucial to check and review our vision from time to time.

Tune in to Episode 329 of Becoming Your Best and learn the nuts and bolts of building a solid and transformational vision to lead your business and your life.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Three experiences that inspired today's episode (2:14)
  • The inspirational drive of a kids' story (6:51)
  • You want a vision that is made of bricks (12:59)
  • How to use a personal vision to inspire and guide others (14:24)
  • Tips and advice on how to write a personal vision (16:32)
  • How concise and clear visions can help build a solid business (19:48)

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