Episode 326 - Focus on the Inside Game and the Outside Game Will Improve


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When was the last time you checked in with yourself, your habits, and your personal and professional relationships to see how they are serving you in becoming the best version of yourself?

In today's episode, I share seven ways to make sure we are living a life by design and focus on our inside game, which will, eventually, reflect on our outside game. We delve into the importance of being aware that situations are neutral; our attitude towards them matters. You’ll also learn how to use the G.I.G.O model in your favor -- Greatness In, Greatness Out.

In addition, we value the importance of having a deep and meaningful connection with God, being aware that we are not our thoughts (initially), and embracing the power of Pre-week Planning. You’ll also find out why you should constantly invest in yourself and the crucial role people around you play in your life.

Tune in to Episode 326 of Becoming Your Best, to learn all you need to know about the best ways to check in your inside game, so your outside game can harvest the results.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Checking our attitude is something all of us should be doing quite often (2:56)
  • Greatness In, Greatness Out (6:48)
  • Pre-week Planning to enhance our inside game massively (9:32)
  • Our thoughts don't define who we are, but we must certainly be aware of them (12:28)
  • Being connected with a higher power is crucial to having direction, purpose, and hope (16:14)
  • We must constantly be sharping our saw (18:31)
  • People matter. Why we must be aware of who we surround ourselves with (19:49)

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