More experiments in overwintering (92)


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Nucs over double-screen boards, more winter patty love, boxes with wood shavings vs foam board top insulation....the winter testing ground here we come. An extra for patrons--Links to equipment and videos mentioned in this episode: Please become a "Friend of the Podcast" on Patreon and join the folks who make the podcasts possible! In addition to huge gratitude, you get: • BONUS podcasts and early access episodes • Access to Patreon blog posts including tips and videos • Special Q&A posts to ask me questions about YOUR bees • Input on the podcast topics • Shout-outs on the show because I appreciate you! If you can support the show with $1 a month or more, please sign up today: -- About Beekeeping at Five Apple Farm: Leigh keeps bees at 3000' in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. She cares for around a 'beekeeper's dozen' of hives in a rural, high elevation Appalachian forest climate. Colonies are managed for bee health with active selection for vigor, genetic diversity and disease resistance, but without chemical treatments. The apiary is self-sustaining (not needing to buy/catch replacement bees since 2010) and produces honey and nucs most every year.

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