Jackie O's talks sustainable brewing and new Columbus location


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Jackie O's Brewery doesn't seem to be interested in bringing back malt liquor

We started out our talk with Jackie O's Pub & Brewery founder Art Oestrike by talking on a topic we're passionate about - 40s of malt liquor. The brewery has brewed malt liquor in the past and we asked Art if it was time to do another one, and make it available in 40-oz bottles. "Who wants that?" he replied. We do, Art. We do.

After gathering ourselves, we carried on with co-Directors of Brewing Operations Seth Morton and Alan Gordon. We learned about the origins of Jackie O's brewery and how Art's mother inspired the name, Oestrike shared his passion for sustainability in his business, they brew with 40% solar power and return what they don't use to the grid. They also have a farm where they grow some of the ingredients for their beer and food, and a bake shop to supply pastries and breads.

Morton and Gordon tell us about a few of their new beers and we get into a discussion on CO2 recapture and the costs and benefits to a brewery. Finally, we learn about their upcoming Columbus, OH expansion. Our friend in the area tells us they've got a huge patio coming up. Good times all around.

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