Episode 25 - The Late Hottest 100 and Ballarat Blues


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This episode is very much a classic Beer O'Clock Australia Podcast; it's late, it's long, there's minor technical difficulties (hopefully not too noticeable) & it's pretty good (if we do say so ourselves!). There's a whole heap of very outdated news, we discuss the Hottest 100 results & talk about some new beers & breweries we've visited, what a joy being able to do that again! Due to being a bit time poor we remotely add just one lager to our Ranking of Lagers segment. Hope you enjoy! Show Notes


  • Simon Hargreave's Top 5

News (2:04)

  • Bentspoke's Crankshaft take out top spot in the Hottest 100
  • Two Birds sold to Fermentum
  • Hop Crop Disaster in New Zealand
  • Dollar Bill's Cellar Door Knocked Back Again
  • AIBA Entries Open
    • Heaps of new categories
  • Microstar & Kegstar Merge
  • Brewsvegas Organisers "Pause" 2021 Event
  • Bridge Road's High Country Hops is On!
  • Brewery Closures
    • Harrington's (NZ)
    • Boekamp (TAS)
    • Brisbane Brew Partners (QLD)
  • Broo Record More Losses & China Deal Collapses
  • Brewery Openings
    • Madocke Moving From The Garage To Ashmore
    • Sobah Planning Brewery & Taproom
    • Epic Taproom in Auckland
  • Tasting Paddle (33:25)
    • Shelter Brewing on Archdaily (link)
    • Co-Conspirators Brunswick Brewpub Edging Closer
    • King River Doubling Their Capacity

Hottest 100 (31:06)

  • Does advertising/campaigning for votes diminish the significance of the Hottest 100?
  • 7 brewers claim 39 spots in the 100
  • Total votes announced for the first time
    • 1,950 beers received at least 1 vote
  • Social media reception
  • Balter performance vs other bought out breweries
  • Discussion of select interesting beers

What We're Drinking (52:46)

  • Sobramesa Fermentary & Blendery
  • Exit Session Ale
  • Bodriggy
  • Hawkers
  • Future Mountain
  • Balter CryoMofo
  • Deeds Fiery Gates of Helles
  • Mountain Culture Email List
  • Verdant Brewing
  • Uraidla

Ranking of Lagers (1:02:24)

  • Back to one lager again... At least is was by choice this time!
  • This month we add Zywiec from Poland.
  • The new rankings are as follows:

  1. Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)
  2. Tennent’s (Scotland)
  3. Carlsberg (Denmark)
  4. Quilmes (Argentina)
  5. Kingfisher (India)
  6. Gullmack (Norway)
  7. Lvivske (Ukraine)
  8. Sapporo (Japan)
  9. Taiwan Beer (Taiwan)
  10. Birra Moretti (Italy)
  11. Nektar (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  12. Corona (Mexico)
  13. Steinlager (New Zealand)
  14. Windhoek (Namibia)
  15. Heineken (Netherlands)
  16. Lion (Sri Lanka)
  17. Cisk (Malta)
  18. San Miguel (Philippines)
  19. Snow (China - Internal)
  20. Cantina (El Salvador)
  21. Lasko (Slovenia)
  22. 333 (Vietnam)
  23. Stella Artois (Belgium)
  24. Tusker (Kenya)
  25. Budweiser (USA)
  26. Skopsko (North Macedonia)
  27. Zywiec (Poland)
  28. Mythos (Greece)
  29. Tiger (Singapore)
  30. Karlovacko (Croatia)
  31. Singha (Thailand)
  32. Red Stripe (Jamaica)
  33. Bintang (Indonesia)
  34. Vonu (Fiji)
  35. Cusquena (Peru)
  36. Pabst Blue Ribbon (Contract)

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