Michele Rosenthal: Argentine tango to reach a "weird state of bliss" and overcome trauma.


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Michele Rosenthal shares her stories and strategies for recovering from trauma.

BIO: After a trauma that included a near death experience I embarked on 17 years of being unable to speak about what had happened to me -- until something in me finally understood that in order to heal the red hot mess of my present I had to make peace with my past.

It took me 10+ years of knocking around different treatments, modalities and approaches to finally create my own unique process that led me to achieve 100% recovery from trauma and PTSD.

Now, I take everything I learned back then -- and add it to all of the deep professional training and experience I've gained in the past 15 years -- and pour it into the many ways I can teach you how to identify, craft, refine, and tweak your trauma healing process so that you can discover the way out of triggers, symptoms, and terror and into freedom, peace and calm.

What does that really mean? That I've added up all of my recovery pet peeves and turned them upside down to offer you easy ways to learn how trauma changes the brain, how you can reclaim control, plus how you can develop a structured formula that can free you from (years) of trauma programming. And then create the post-trauma identity that allows you to finally lead the life you were meant to be living.

Through gentle, comfortably-paced, and deeply transformative (holistic) brain, mind and body work it is possible to alter your thoughts, feelings and behaviors without overwhelm, wasted time, or endless hours of talk.

If you want go from feeling hopeless to hopeful, lonely to connected and like a burden to a blessing, then go to 1-on-1 coaching, go to www.thrivewithleo.com. Let’s get to tomorrow, together.

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