Out-Standing in His Field: Our Interview with Bale Spear Captain Earl Pancoast III


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This week on the podcast, we catch up with Bale Spear captain Earl Pancoast III to talk farming, New Jersey, memes and BattleBots. He’s bringing a brand new machine to the 2020 competition, and we get the scoop on what to expect.

This week’s news stories:

> Shatter’s new frame: youtube.com/watch?v=8mYdcw5FoLQ

> BETA’s shorter hammer: instagram.com/p/CFVHRiGDb0t/

> Captain Shrederator’s new shells facebook.com/spinwinning/photos/a.954050624693844/3180730832025801, new chasses facebook.com/spinwinning/photos/a.954050624693844/3180739932024891 and brushless drive: youtu.be/t2mYHbQrrb4

> Post-apocalyptic Copperhead: facebook.com/CausticCreations/posts/3433262686734114

> Tombstone’s many bars: facebook.com/TombstoneBot/photos/a.1565736233440210/4854176064596194/

> Perfect Phoenix first look: facebook.com/ray.billings/posts/10223238420739859

> JackPot’s weapons test: instagram.com/p/CFTQWBGD5nf/

> Double Jeopardy’s new camera: facebook.com/watch/?v=3141373139318630

> Skorpios drive test: facebook.com/SkorpiosBattleBot/videos/630062251013124/

> Extinguisher’s hammer power: facebook.com/ExtinguisherBattlebot/videos/2747707738837711/

> Axolotl’s frame: instagram.com/p/CFTxFExjpFL/

> Bloodsport’s self-righter: facebook.com/watch/?v=3541211732604967

> GigaByte weapons test: facebook.com/watch/?v=1972687446199729

> Win a Duck! https://get.protolabs.com/battlebots-hexbug/

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