Season 5 is going to be BONKers: Our Interview with Nelly the Ellybot Captain Sarah Malyan


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This week on the podcast, we catch up with Nelly the Ellybot captain Sarah Malyan, to talk COVID, bots she’s excited about this season, Rusty (naturally), hammers, butt fire, and another rousing game of Bonk, Tag Team and Incinerate. Oh! And our first original song!An Ode to Rustyby Sarah MalyanWell, I’m bored and going crazy at the lack of robot fun

Nelly’s stuck in Britain

and she ain’t the only oneI wonder if Kenny and Chris Rose

are still alive

I’d love to hear Faruq shout,

‘It’s robot fighting time!’

WIth nowhere to fight bots

I thought my mind would fall apart

But then I glimpsed at Rusty

and be still my beating heart!

It’s like steampunk had a love child

with a Minion and a tank

And it’s got a bonking drill

to give the other bots a spank!

Oh, it’s Rusty!

Oh yes, it’s Rusty!

Its paint job might make you think it’s crusty

But its drill is very mighty

and we can’t wait until it’s fighting

Because we love it here in Blighty

Oh it’s Rusty!It’s RustyWe do love RustyAnd I’ll hurt you

if you speak of it unjustlyThis bot has my heart beating

Its aesthetic is most pleasingAnd Britain will be screaming,

‘C’mon Rusty!’

This week’s combat robotics news stories:

> Filming ends this week on the 2020 season of BattleBots

> Atom 94’s weapons test:

> First look at Chomp (!):

> Copperhead 2020 preview:

> End Game weapons test:

> Extinguisher’s fire extinguisher:

> Extinguisher’s vertical spinner test:

> Extinguisher’s hammer test:

> Ghost Raptor’s weapons test:

> Ghost Raptor’s autonomous NERF gun:

> Gigabyte self-righting:

> HiJinx’s weapons test:

> Pain Train glamor shots:

> Rusty’s weapons test:

> Sharko’s weapons test:

> Skorpios’ movie trailer:

> SlamMow’s weapons test:

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