BEHIND THE LENS #316: Featuring Sasha Collington


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It's my favorite week of the year, folks! SHARK WEEK! And "moviesharkd" is kicking off the week with all kinds of sharks starting with MARTIN WILSON talking GREAT WHITE. Then SASHA COLLINGTON joins us live talking her new film LOVE TYPE D and all those sharks swimming around the dating pool! Opening this Friday in limited release theatres across the US, plus available On Demand and Digital, is GREAT WHITE. Can't kick off Shark Week without a new shark movie and GREAT WHITE is one helluva shark tale!! It is killer!! Guaranteed to bite into you with tension, excitement, adventure, and a killer shark, take a listen to our exclusive interview with director MARTIN WILSON as we dive deep into the making of GREAT WHITE. From shooting in the beautiful waters off the coast of Northern Queensland Australia to Tony O'Loughlan's exquisite cinematography, to finding and casting a perfect ensemble, to Lawrie Silverstein's editing and finding that ever-increasing tension in the air, in the water, and under the water, and expertly utilizing O'Loughlan's lensing to its greatest tension-fueled advantage, to Tom Count's score, and so much more. A wonderful laugh, a great sense of humor, and a dedicated craftsman, this is an interview and a film you don't want to miss! Then we shift gears to another kind of shark experience. How about those shark-infested waters of the dating pool? Writer/director SASHA COLLINGTON talking about her debut feature film, LOVE TYPE D. Are you the "dumper" or the "dumpee"? And would you really take advice from an 11-year old science nerd who convinces you that it's all genetically predetermined? A real charmer that thinks outside the traditional "rom-com" box? Take a listen as Sasha talks about the inspiration for LOVE TYPE D and the challenges she faced over the five years it took her to get the film made, not the least of which was a growing 11-year old boy in a lead role and losing locations that had already been used and due to lengthy delays between shooting periods as Sasha was obtaining more funding, required to be "reconstructed" in alternate locations to match earlier shot footage. We also talk about casting, most notably young Rory Stroud who steals the show as "Wilbur", and the necessary chemistry between Wilbur and our heroine dumpee Frankie played by Maeve Dermody; the lightness of Christoper Schneider's lighting and lensing; finding the comedic tone and balance in the editing process with editors John Murphy and St. John O'Rorke; Richard Canavan's score; and so much more.

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