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About Today’s Guest Jill E. Bormann is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, a Clinical Professor and Research Health Scientist. She developed the Mantram Repetition Program – a spiritually-integrated health program for symptom and stress management. She received the prestigious “Edge Runner Award” from the American Academy of Nursing for innovation in nursing. She also received Excellence in Research Awards from the American Psychiatric Nurses Association and the International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses. Over the span of 20 years, she has conducted federally funded research on the health outcomes of the Mantram Repetition Program in various groups including family caregivers of Veterans with dementia, Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), healthcare employees, adults living with HIV/AIDS, homeless women for insomnia, and first-time mothers. Research results provide growing evidence that the Mantram Repetition Program provides a portable “pause button for the mind” that is convenient, invisible, inexpensive, non-pharmacological and complementary to mainstream medicine. In addition to serving on the PsychArmor Institute’s Caregiver Advisory Board, she is a consultant and collaborates with colleagues across the country to further research and dissemination of the Mantram Program in various populations. Links Mentioned In This Episode PyschArmor’s Mantram Repetition Training Course Dr. Bormann’s Web Site More Information about Dr. Bormann’s Work This Episode Sponsored By: This episode is sponsored by USAA.
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