Being LGBTQ Episode 100 Prince Manvendra & Daniel Molyneaux


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It's the 100th episode of Being LGBTQ! Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil - The first gay member of a Royal Family to come out publicly. Prince Manvendra came out in 2006 and has since become an advocate for LGBTQ people. Manvendra talks about his coming out, changes to the law in India, conversion therapy and supporting LGBTQ youth worldwide. Daniel Molyneaux - U.K. based LGBTQ music artist, Daniel recently released his second album 'Free', his first as an openly gay man. 'Free' traces Daniel's coming out journey and what it has been like since. Daniel also speaks to Sam about improving representation of LGBTQ people on British television and the importance of normalising LGBTQ people.

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